To Register for Classes you can either contact Susan Cossette NCTMB at 920-428-2181 - Email or simply copy, paste and fill out the form below to either send by mail with your payment or Email or text the form and call in your down payment. See Class page for discount options.   

Fill in this bottom portion and mail with your payment to the instructor

To guarantee your spot please send in registration no later than 1 week before day of class.   We reserve the right to cancel any class, in which case the registration fee will be returned in full.


Title of Class you are registering for

 Name as you would like it to appear on your certificate


Phones:  Home                              Cell                                      Work/Other

E-mail address

Date of Workshop

Down Payment Amounts Below:

Required Deposit (Reiki 1 - $85., Reiki 2 - $125., Reiki Advanced - $200, Reiki Master - $200., Karuna Reiki - $400., Swedish Stone Massage - $125., Northern Thai Massage Part 1 Supine - $125, Northern Thai Massage Part 2 prone, side & seated - $125., Rainessence Aroma Therapy - $75., Sounds of Healing Workshop - $65. Foot Reflexology Basic Course - $125., Foot Reflexology Practical Workshop - $50., Foot Reflexology Professional Course - $125., Cranial Sacral Intro Course $85., Myofascial Release Intro Course $85., Lymph Drainage Massage Intro Course $85.) or pay in full:


I am sending $____________ amount by personal check, money order, or cashier's check with the remainder to be paid at the beginning of the first day of class.  I understand I may cancel my registration up to 14 days before the class.  My registration fee will be refunded before that time only.  If I need to cancel less than 14 days to 2 days prior to the class I may transfer my fee to another class of my choice.  When cancelling in less than 48 hours prior to class I understand that I will not receive a refund or the opportunity to transfer my payment.  Absolutely no exceptions on this policy.

­Signature & Date _________________________________

Make check payments payable to Health and Healing Zone.

Send to Health and Healing Zone 48 Springbrook Cercle Drive Appleton, WI  54914 

Or pay by: MasterCard or Visa: Card number ____________________________

Expiration Date ____________ and 3 digit security ID#_________

(you may also call me with this information)























Once you are registered for the class you will receive a confirmation Email or letter which will contain information as to where the class will be held.  Supplies that may be needed for the class will be 1 massage table per 2 students, each student should bring a set of sheets or a blanket to cover the table, a pillow case or face cradle cover.  If the class size is small you may not be required to bring any supplies.  The final list will be sent 1 week prior to class.